About Us

Hotel SilverSand hotel is situated in the state capital of Trivandrum. It is located near both the Railway Station and the Bus Terminal. What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is our team of highly motivated and well trained staff who provide attentive, personalized and warm service that are rarely found nowadays . Therefore, this is the ideal location for business and leisure travellers.

Out Hotel is built around a noble concept that puts multi-faceted facilities with affordable rates in the same room. The type of tourists we have resulted in the creation of a new category in the landscape of domestic hospitality, while also taking into consideration Indian tourism and other ancilliary industries. The primaobjective behind launching our Hotel is to provide exceptionally superior product offering and a memorable experience to all the travellers like no one else has done.

It is our intention to change the way you feel after you come here. We are here to help you relax and take in your time to re-organise your thoughts. We know that is important for you to have time to relax and enjoy your precious time to rest and recuperate. You might also want to explore the sights nearby, for that, we offer short tours for you. Enjoy the scenic and picturesque locations that surround this urban centre. Absord the sights and behold the wonders of creation.